The IME Consortium met for the sixth time on 13-14 June 2011 in Helsinki Finland, hosted by the University of Helsinki, so as to discuss the progress of the EU funded research project on European Identities and European Modernities (IME).

During the meeting, the research teams participating in IME presented comprehensive country reports concluding the fieldwork each one has conducted so far- on the ways state actors, civil society representatives and lay people interpret and debate their relation with the state and Europe. Those studies, which are all available on the IME website, examined, on the one hand, the outcomes of research in each country and, on the other, engaged into more theoretical analyses of the concepts of Europe, nation and modernity. Briefings and highlights from these reports are available in the IME Newsletter, Issue 4 (July 2011).

For information on the two analytical studies based on fieldwork research conducted by the ELIAMEP team on the case of Greece, as well as for the comprehensive country report, look here. After thoroughly discussing commonalities and differences among those analyses, the IME consortium moved forward into the next stage and elaborated possible points of convergence out of which comparative studies could emerge.