Dr. Dimitris Katsikas, head of the Crisis Observatory, participated in a meeting of the Standing Committees of the Greek Parliament on Social Affairs, on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice, and on Economic Affairs (Tuesday, March 10). The aim of the meeting was to discuss -with extra-parliamentary stakeholders- the new draft law entitled: “Arrangements for immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis, the organisation of the Government and governmental institutions, and other provisions”.

The head of the Observatory based his presentation on the findings of particular research programmes, in which the Observatory has participated and which are related to the study of the social impact of the crisis. These findings and policy proposals were submitted to the Parliament in the form of a memorandum, entitled: “The Social Impact of the Crisis: Facts, Challenges and Response”. In addition, along with the memorandum the following papers were filed: firstly, the “Social Profile Report on Poverty, Social Exclusion and Inequality Before and After the Crisis in Greece”, and secondly, the policy paper “The Double Mismatch – Anti-Poverty Policies & Discourses on Poverty & Social Exclusion in Greece under the Economic Crisis”.

The memorandum is available here (in Greek).