President of ELIAMEP, Professor Loukas Tsoukalis, was invited by German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to contribute to the official debate of the Foreign Ministry of Germany on foreign policy and the international role of Germany. This project has been conducted under the headline ‘Review 2014 – A fresh Look at German Foreign Policy’ and its aim is the collection of views by outstanding foreign policy experts and scholars. These include, among others, former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annaν, Vice-Principal of King’s College London Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor at the University of Chicago John J. Mearsheimer, and Professor at the University of Oxford, Timothy Garton Ash.

Contributing to the debate, Professor Loukas Tsoukalis wrote the article: ‘The big European crisis can either make or break it!’. You can find more information on ‘Review 2014 – A fresh Look at German Foreign Policy’, by clicking here.