The President of ELIAMEP, Professor Loukas Tsoukalis, participated in the first meeting of the “European Conclave” -under the auspices of the President of Portugal- which took place on 24-26 November at the Presidential Palace in Cascais. 45 personalities from about 20 EU countries participated in this first meeting of the project, which is expected to be repeated on an annual basis. The discussions examined the medium and long-term challenges for Europe, with the title of the meeting “The strategic vision for 2040” setting the direction for the future. The European Conclave focused on four major topics: geopolitics, technology, European public goods, and the crisis of democracy.

The President of ELIAMEP, as a member of the organising committee, had the overall responsibility and chaired the discussion on geopolitics.

The final report on the first European Conclave is due to be published at the end of the year and will be forwarded to the EU Councils of Ministers, with the ambition of becoming “a compass to help Europe find its way in the years to come”.