The RESCUER project held its first General Assembly meeting in Madrid, 15-16/12/2021 to discuss the findings of the RESCUER research team on the needs and demands of work packages. In Madrid, the twenty stakeholders had the opportunity to attend the first consortium meeting.

RESCUER aims to design and develop a First Responder centered technology toolkit that will empower the next-generation of First Responders (Fire-fighters, Search-and-rescue, Medics, Police) by enhancing their operational capacity and safety, specifically in adverse conditions, both environmental and infrastructure-wise. The ultimate goal of RESCUER is to introduce the next generation of FRs, who will be better protected, connected and situationally aware, with enhanced operational capacity and able to efficiently operate in infrastructure-less environments without power and communications network.

ELIAMEP will explore the legal and regulatory issues behind physical environment in the first responders’ domain, providing therefore an analysis of the current European framework applicable to both research and end-use of the project.

Mrs Eirini Keremidou has participated in the meeting on behalf of ELIAMEP.

The RESCUER project is funded by HORIZON 2020. For more information on the project, please visit: