Law and Religion Symposium 2014: ‘Varieties of Secularism, Religion, and the Law’ 5-7 October 2014

Provo, Utah, USA

Organiser: International Centre for Law and Religion Studies

The 21st annual International Law and Religion Symposium, took place at Brigham Young University Law School in Provo, Utah. This year 80 invited delegates, from 40 countries, addressed the theme “Varieties of Secularism, Religion, and the Law.” This year’s delegates included scholars, government officials, journalists, and religious and civic leaders from Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Hungary, India, Indonesia.

In this context, Effie presented her paper ‘Banal, Benign or Pernicious? The relationship between religion and national identity from the perspective of religious minorities’ in which she developed how pluralism and religious freedom are seen in majority  Orthodox contexts, with special focus on the cases of Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Greece.

The paper presented at Utah forms part the development of the theoretical framework of the Grassrootsmobilise research programme.

Please find the Programme of the Conference here.