MERP photoThis cooperation is a contribution to the research program of the Panayia Yeniköy Community Foundation in Istanbul in the wider context of the European perspective of the Turkish society and state, which presupposes the social reintegration of non-Muslim communities in Turkish society and the full respect of their human rights. It is the first time that research is conducted on social media (SM) in relation to the individual religious communities is conducted in Greece. This research context refers to the Social Media, i.e. one of the basic socio-religious aspects of freedom of expression and speech. The collaboration between ELIAMEP and the Yeniköy Community acts as a comparative platform referring to the example of the non-Christian communities of the Greek society, as a country member of the European Union, with proven achievements in matters of human rights involving cultural and religious communities of the wider European family.The purpose of the comparison of Turkish and Greek examples in this thematic is to provide indicative expertise and experience in order to contribute to the further strengthening of the European perspective of the Turkish society. The Middle East Research Project of ELIAMEP, the most important of Greek research center, gladly accepted the invitation of the Panayia Yeniköy Community to contribute constructively in this direction of the cultural pluralism of the Turkish society. The method applied by the team of the ELIAMEP Middle East Research Project concerns the mapping survey and survey of the dynamics of the use of SM of non-Christian religious (Islam and Judaism) communities in the capital city and other urban areas of Greece. The ELIAMEP MERP research focused on active and full social integration and inclusion in the wider urbanized environment of these communities of Greek society.