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Tension in Eastern Mediterranean: The geopolitical ‘Quadrangle’ of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey

Working Paper no. 23/2011 of ELIAMEP’s Director General Dr. Thanos Dokos discusses how the combination of interstate conflicts and non-defined boundaries and economic zones with carbohydrate reserves can be an ‘explosive […]

Turkish-Iranian relations and the NATO Missile-Defense Radar

The region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the role of Turkish-Iranian relations are interconnected especially after the re-orientation of Turkish foreign policy in recent years. The improvement of Turkish-Iranian political-economic […]

National organization for Space exploitation in Greece: choices for decision makers

ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 22 authored by Alexandros K. Kolovos aims to inform Decision Makers in Greece about the actions needed to be taken in the field of space exploitation. […]

Turkish-Iranian relations and the crisis in Syria

The positive relations between Ankara and Tehran are of particular importance for the stability in the Middle East. In this note it is suggested that Iranian-Turkish relations are tested after […]

Yemen in chaos: what does the end of Saleh’s rule mean for the future of the Arabia Felix?

This note focuses on the political situation in Yemen in the aftermath of President Saleh’s assassination attempt. In particular emphasis is given to the role of tribalism and religion in […]

The Shiite – Sunnite rivalry and the revolt in Bahrain

Apart from the geopolitical importance of Bahrain for the Persian Gulf security, the significance of political developments in Bahrain is twofold: the antagonism between secularism and tradition as well as […]

Η κρίση της Υεμένης: αιτίες και προοπτικές

Στο Κείμενο Εργασίας υπ’ αρ. 20 του Άρεφ Αλομπέιντ γίνεται μια προσπάθεια να αποδοθεί μια συνοπτική μα και συνάμα σαφή εικόνα της εξέγερσης στην Υεμένη. Η μελέτη της εξέγερσης αυτής […]

Η αφρικανική πολιτική της Τουρκίας και ο αραβικός κόσμος της Αφρικανικής ηπείρου: θέτοντας τις βάσεις για μια μακροχρόνια συνεργασία

Στο Κείμενο Εργασίας υπ’ αρ. 19 του Παντελή Τουλουμάκου παρατηρείται ότι η πρόσφατη κρίση στις αραβικές χώρες της Αφρικής και η εμπλοκή της Τουρκίας αναζωπύρωσαν τις συζητήσεις σχετικά με την […]

International law and diplomacy on the Turkish military intervention of Cyprus

ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 18 authored by Iakovos Kareklas examines the diplomatic and legal context to the Turkish intervention in Cyprus 1974. On the one hand, the main legal argument […]

“March of millions”: upheaval in Arab World?

In ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 15, authored by Ioannis Tziouras, the main question is whether a single match can ignite revolution. That question has echoed across the Arab world in […]

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