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Critical assessment of the Green Bible’s proposals regarding a future European Union marine policy

As part of its contribution to the consultation process for the preparation of a European White Bible for Marine Policy, the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (via the Scientific Centre […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 3/2010: Russia’s ‘regeneration’ and the perspectives for the Greek-Russian relations

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Dr. Thanos Dokos evaluates the position and role of Russia in the new geopolitical environment adopting the position that despite the difference of […]

Europeanisation and democratic deficits: the concept of “legitimization’s crisis”

ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 9, by Dr. Manos Papazoglou, argues that the concept of europeanisation in contemporary political discourse is often being understood mainly as a process of modernization. It […]

The dynamic balance of European integration: the past, present and future of the Euro

ELIAMEP’s Working paper no 6, by Giorgos Glynos, aims to examine the future of the Eurozone in the context of the current economic crisis and especially in the context of […]

Aftershocks: economic crisis and institutional choice

In a series of workshops on the economic crisis, organized in conjunction with the network of strategists of a number of Dutch ministries, it became evident that there was a […]

We can’t go on like this: Greek debt crisis and the euro

With a 12.7% deficit for 2009 Greece is not the only country in Europe with a double-digit deficit. However, large deficits and debt, combined with mismanagement and lack of credibility, […]

United in Diversity? European Integration and Political Cultures

Athens 17 April 2008The Eleni Nakou Foundation and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), in the light of the recent publication of the book United in Diversity? […]

The European Court of Human Rights and the rights of marginalised individuals and minorities in national context

This volume explores the role of the ECtHR  in  protecting marginalised individuals and minorities. What factors and conditions have led growing numbers of such individuals and minorities to pursue their […]

Modern Greece: a history since 1821

This book provides an in-depth narrative history of modern Greece by two leading authorities. The authors bring together their knowledge of primary Greek sources and their first hand experience of […]

Rescuing the European project: EU legitimacy, governance and security

Over the next decade the EU must be ready to redefine itself: what its role is as a political entity in a rapidly changing world and how it should reform […]

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