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Project Events

November 2007

Conference, organized by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Environment Programme- Mediterranean Action Plan, held in Athens on November 27th, in order to inform the public about the Climate Change and Human Security project.

December 2007

Conference, organized by UNICEF, on Climate Change and Children held in New York City. Mr. Chouliaras attended the event as representative of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

January 2008

Meeting of experts on climate change issues and their impact on childhoo, organized by the Innocenti Research Center of the UNICEF, from January 17th until 18th. Mr. Xenarios attended the meeting representing ELIAMEP, which is also the project coordinator.

February 2008

Conference on refugees displaced by environmental disasters, organized by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Migration Organization (19 February). ELIAMEP Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Anna Triantafyllidou, attended the conference as expert on migration issues.

March 2008

a. Roundtable discussion, organized by the Permanent Delegations of Greece and Austria at the United Nations, held in Vienna on March 14th. The roundtable discussion focused on climate change and its impact on women. A representative of the project research partner WEDO participated in the roundtable discussion as guest speaker and editor of the respective study.

b. Meeting of the senior officers of the “Network for Human Security” in Athens on March 31st. On this meeting the project partners presented the  final drafts of the project studies and exchanged comments and suggestions for their improvement.

May 2008

Annual Meeting of the officers of the Network for Human Security, held in Athens from May 29th until  30th. The Annual Meeting took place at the same time as the International Conference on Human Security and Climate Change, where the final project studies and a comprehensive policy paper were presented.

Participation in related events (upon invitation)

November 2007

a. The  Directorate General for Development and Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission organized for the second consecutive year the conference “European Development Days” in Lisbon from November 7th until 9th. The purpose of this meeting was to bring together an array of people from the government sector, businesses, non-governmental organizations, both from the developed and the developing world, focusing on development  in Africa. Mr. Xenarios, ELIAMEP Research Fellow, participated in the meeting as representative of the ELIAMEP.

b. The British Embassy in Greece organized a seminar on “Climate Change” on November 23rd. The seminar focused on the potential financial repercussions of climate change, which might become apparent in the foreseeable future. ELIAMEP Research Fellow, Mr. Xenarios, participated in the meeting as representative of the Foundation.

February 2008

“Vima Ideon” (Ideas Platform) organized a symposium on “Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainable Development” on February 1st and 2nd. The Symposium focused on issues of environmental ethics, urban environment, pollution and sustainable development. ELIAMEP Research Fellow, Mr. Xenakis, attended the symposium as representative of the Foundation.

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