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ELIAMEP briefing note deals with the Islamic threat during the ongoing refugee crisis

BN Skleparis (2)The ongoing refugee  crisis in the Mediterranean has created fears  among policy-makers  and  security  practitioners  alike  that  the  Islamic  State  (ISIS)  will  use  and ‘exploit the refugee crisis to infiltrate the West’. This Briefing Note written by Dr Dimitris  Skleparis, presents a brief history of international terrorism in Greece; assesses current international terrorist activity in the country and the Greek authorities’ response to it; and proposes first-line and pre-emptive counter-radicalisation measures that would not undermine a humanitarian response to the refugee crisis.

Briefing Note 37/2015: The Islamist Threat amidst the Refugee Crisis: Background and Policy Proposals

Author: Dr Dimitris Skleparis

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