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Working Paper: ‘In search of a reset for Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East’

TU_012newIn Working Paper 38/2014 Research Fellow of ELIAMEP and Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Bilkent University, Dr. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis analyses new conditions for Turkish foreign policy after the military coup in Egypt and taking the Syrian stalemate into account. In particular, Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East met in 2013 unprecedented challenges which lowered previously heightened ambitions and raised the question of readjusting strategy and tactics. The consolidation of a stalemate in the Syrian civil war and the outbreak of clashes between rebel groups, the Kurdish issue in its regional dimension, the July 2013 military coup in Egypt and domestic developments have brought Turkish foreign policy in front of new challenges and limited its “soft power” potential in the Middle East. The need for a “reset” of Turkish foreign policy has been widely discussed among pundits, pointing towards a more realistic appraisal of the existing state of affairs and reengagement with other regional actors. Meanwhile the weight of domestic politics has been heavier than usual. Developments in Turkey’s own Kurdish question, the Gezi events, the 17 December 2013 graft investigation, and most importantly the upcoming elections in 2014, all set a framework which calls for increased caution and reappraisal of strategies and policies.

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