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Economic migration in Greece: labour market and social inclusion

maroukisThe study of the labour supply and demand of economic migrants from Albania that this book tackles with highlights the significance of social sciences in the analysis of concepts, such as the labour market, that are often treated as a field of the economic science.
The first part of the book discusses the theoretical framework for the understanding of the driving forces of the post-industrial economy at the dawn of the 21st century.
Through an analysis of the empirical findings of the research on Albanian migrants, the second part builds the social context in which the skills and the work arrangements of the migrants are (re)produced.
Maybe it’s time to look back at the low status jobs in order to see more clearly how the society pulls the strings of the labour market. The call of this book is important for researchers and students who are engaged in labour market and migration issues. But also for the wider readership that observes the ways Greek society and politics resist to the “creative destruction” of its economy.

TitleEconomic migration in Greece: labour market and social inclusion
AuthorThanos Maroukis
EditionPapazisis, 2009
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