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In May 2008 ELIAMEP launched a new publication series, ELIAMEP Thesis. This new series, which is published several times a year, covers topical issues related to EU integration, Europe’s role in global affairs and important developments in international affairs. This series complements ELIAMEP’s Policy Papers, in an effort to produce brief and timely pieces of analysis and recommendations on important issues.

The person responsible for ELIAMEP Thesis is Dr. Thanos Dokos, ELIAMEP Director General.

ELIAMEP Thesis 6/2010: Kosovo after the Hague

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Alexandros Mallias states that the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) Advisory Opinion of 22 July 2010 led to an increasing public debate in relation […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 5/2010: Seasonal migration and how to regulate it

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Anna Triandafyllidou states that the European Commission has recently issued a proposal for a Directive regulating the conditions of entry and residence of […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 4/2010: Organised crime and corruption in and around South-Eastern Europe: trends and counter-efforts

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis Dr. Sappho Xenakis suggests that with financial pressures weighing increasingly heavily on policy-making for national and non-state actors alike it now is a […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 3/2010: Russia’s ‘regeneration’ and the perspectives for the Greek-Russian relations

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Dr. Thanos Dokos evaluates the position and role of Russia in the new geopolitical environment adopting the position that despite the difference of […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 2/2010:EU energy security and Russia: a re-conceptualization of threats and policy priorities

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Filippos Proedrou,  Lecturer of Politics and International Relations in City College, Thessaloniki, argues that while the global economic crisis has overshadowed most policy-making […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 1/2010: The last chance in Cyprus negotiations and the Turkey-EU relationship

Although there is a noticeable increase in diplomatic attention regarding the Cyprus problem, there is no substantial progress yet and expectations for a positive outcome remain rather limited.  The present […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 7/2009: The EU, Turkey and Cyprus: what next?

The presentELIAMEP Thesis by Prof. Andreas Theophanous–the third published by ELIAMEP on the Cyprus issue in the last few months, argues that for many Greek-Cypriots the fundamental question “what model […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 6/2009: Cyprus: five months of anxiety and hope ahead

In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis , Mr. Costas Carras, Greek Coordinator of the Greek Turkish Forum, provides seven reasons why the chances for a settlement of the Cyprus […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 5/2009: Cyprus

The latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis purports to highlight the Cyprus issue, as intercommunal talks move to the deciding stage towards the end of the year. In this paper, Pavlos […]

ELIAMEP Thesis 4/2009: The European Union and its Neighbourhood: Time for a Rethink

On 7 May 2009 leading policy-makers from the European Union (EU) will hold a high-level meeting with political leaders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine in order to […]

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