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Public Dialogue entitled «Moving on to a greener Greece [2010 – 2020]»

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage (ELET) and the European Centre for Environment Research and Training (EKEPEK) launch an online public dialogue (http://www.diavouleusi.eliamep.gr) on Sustainable Development in Greece entitled: « Moving on to a greener Greece [2010-2020]».

Participating in the dialogue are academics, specialists, local administration representatives, NGO members and business executives with expert knowledge on specific issues of sustainable development (energy, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry etc.) who have been invited to submit specific and applicable policy proposals.

More specifically, in energy matters, the initiative is targeted at developing energy strategies for improving energy efficiency, optimizing renewable and alternative energy use and mobilizing an investment framework for green energy.

The project is starting to catch the attention of public and earn great publicity to print and electronic media. Based on the submitted proposals, the scientific committee that has been formed (http://www.diavouleusi.eliamep.gr/members) is intented to collect the proposed political and technological priorities for Greece and codify the basic methods towards their realisation, in the form of a Review. It will be completed by the presentation of the basic conclusions in a large public event.

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