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Working Paper: The Turkish Military Procurement Programme

The increase of the turkish challenges in the Aegean sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, coupled with the completion of the grand armed turkish armament program, puts Greece ahead of unprecedented threats to its sovereign rights. At the same time, the changes that have been observed in the way that Turkey’s  foreign policy is exercised may bring the two countries in the next few years near a war incident, as forecasted analysts believe. The Hellenic armed forces have been weakened by the ongoing finacial crisis, alongside the policy of avoiding the purchase of new weapons, because of the scandals that have dominated in armament programms in the past. Τhe correlation of power in the Aegean has begun to be overturned, and the present text has to answer, what are the appropriate measures to take in order to organize an effective national defense, taking into account all existing constraints on resources.

The Working Paper is available here (in Greek only)

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