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photoLocal government authorities have a crucial role to play in pursuing immigrant integration and in managing multi-ethnic diversity. Their involvement in this policy area has rapidly grown in many European countries. In Greece, however, the extent and nature of local government interventions in this policy area have not been yet explored. This is a major gap both in academic research and policy-relevant knowledge concerning the prospects and conditions under which the integration of migrants in the Greek society can be better achieved. Towards filling this gap, the purpose of the project LOMIGRAS was twofold: (a) to investigate the local government’s involvement in the process of migrants’ integration and the extent to which it promotes, or conversely hinders their integration, and (b) to develop a usable interactive tool to monitor and assess the effects of local government in promoting migrant integration. The starting assumption of this research is that local government institutions have a profound role in promoting, or conversely hindering, immigrants’ integration, regardless of whether they explicitly assigned competences in this area.

Based on the knowledge generated from the first research phase, the proposed project will develop a methodology and associated monitoring tool to support effective local immigrant integration in the four largest cities of Greece. Despite the fact that the EU Common Basic Principles have recognized the importance of monitoring and assessment mechanisms, a comprehensive methodology and monitoring tool for effective migrant integration at the local level has yet to be developed. The LOMIGRAS project shall for the first time establish such a tool. Specifically, the project will (a) develop a set of criteria and indicators to measure migrant integration at the local level, and (b) design a technological tool that allows stakeholders, such as local government authorities, other public agencies, and non-government organizations to apply and use this methodology in order to assess migrant integration outcomes. Overall, the project shall make an important contribution to academic research and policy-relevant knowledge both in Greece as well as other EU countries.


Report on the role of local government in migrant integration in Europe and Greece, Author Dia Anagnostou


– 1st Focus Group in Athens, 22 March 2016

2nd Focus Group in Thessaloniki, 25 April 2016

 Presentation LOMIGRAS finding in Athens, 7 September 2016

Project Team

– Dia Anagnostou / Senior Research Fellow

– Kontogianni Aimilia / Junior Research Fellow

– Dimitris Skleparis / Postdoctoral Research Fellow

– Markos Konstantakis / Junior Research Fellow

– George Tzogopoulos / Research Fellow

– Alexandra Zavos / External Expert

– Andreas Takis / External Expert


The research program was implemented in 2015-2016, and it is funded by the “Diversity, inequalities and social inclusion” program of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 operated by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of Greece.


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