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Developing a cooperation network to link representatives of Mediterranean member states facing similar challenges as Greece in respect to the integration of third country nationals

Migration to southern European countries is becoming a key challenge not only for these countries, but also for the management of migratory flows towards the rest of Europe. The current economic conjuncture and the dynamics of migration in southern Europe underline the need for a comparative study of the challenges and integration prospects of third-country nationals in these countries, as well as the policies of immigration and integration.

The aim of this project was the formation, activation and support of a network of cooperation between public institutions (involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of immigration policies), research/scientific institutions and civil society actors in the member states of the Mediterranean: Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, which make up the “Southern European immigration model.” You can find more information here.

The main objectives of the Project are:

1. To record innovative migration policies in the Member States of the Mediterranean.

2. To evaluate forms of cooperation between the actors involved in the domain of integration of third country nationals.

3. To generate best practices for the effective management of the migration phenomenon.

The following actions were designed in order to achieve these objectives:

  1. Organisation of five (5) thematic workshops in Greece,Italy,Spain and Portugal.
  2. Setting up an interactive electronic communication platform (in Greek and English) through which members will network, seek information and coordinate activities.
  3. Creating a bibliographic database on immigration policy and issues of migration and integration of migrants in the countries concerned.
  4. Drafting a final report accounting for the concerns, conclusions and recommendations arising from the workshops in each country and the work performed by the network.

Duration: 11 December 2012 – 30 June 2013

Research Partners: Harokopio University (coordinator), ELIAMEP, EKKE.

ELIAMEP Research team:  Eda Gemi, Dr. Panos Hatziprokopiou, and Kleopatra Yousef.

The Project was financed by the European Integration Fund, Annual Programme 2011, Priority: 4: “Exchange of experience, good practice and information on integration between the member states,” Action 4.1/11: “Building Cooperation Networks in the field of migration and integration”.


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