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Priorities of Georgia’s foreign policy after the August war

The crisis that unfolded in the Caucasus region in August has reshuffled political thinking in the West with respect to the future steps to be taken in relations with Russia […]

Commonalities of the Eurasian Seas

With the ongoing global financial crisis taking its toll in Western and Central Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa and the Black Sea and in times of rising water and […]

Caucasus Crisis: Consequences for Russia-EU-Greece relations

Three weeks after Russia completed the pullback of its troops from the buffer zones in Georgia and in light of the upcoming Greek Chairmanship of the OSCE, a group of […]

Discussing Transatlantic Trends 2008 in view of the West-Russia crisis and the coming US elections

Athens, 16 September 2008ELIAMEP organised a discussion on “Transatlantic Trends 2008* in view of the West-Russia crisis and the coming US elections”. Dr. Ian Lesser, Senior Transatlantic Fellow of the […]

Cyprus and Divided Societies

Belfast, 20 May 2008The International Politics and Ethnic Conflict Cluster, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, and the Centre for Research in Political Psychology, School of Psychology at Queen’s University […]

The European Court of Human Rights, protection of civil rights and minorities: state compliance and domestic reform

Athens 2-3 June 2006ELIAMEP in cooperation with Kingston University and the University of Siena organised an international workshop on The European Court of Human Rights, protection of civil rights and minorities: […]

America’s Cultural Heritage and Green Diplomacy

Ms. Colleen Graffy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, tried to present another perspective of the US policy on Green diplomacy, an issue on which the United States […]

China and India: Asia’s Two Emerging Giants

Athens, 7 October 2008ELIAMEP in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Athens organized a lecture and discussion by Ambassador (ret.) Sakutaro Tanino, Former Ambassador of Japan to China and […]

Transatlantic trends

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organized a closed discussion aimed at presenting the results of the public opinion research on transatlantic trends, based on the Russian-American […]

Stefanos Xenarios – Climate change and human security for vulnerable groups

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the context of Greece’s presidency of the Human Security Network for 2007/2008, undertook the tracing of vital threatens and social vulnerabilities in poor regions. […]
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