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The dynamic balance of European integration: the past, present and future of the Euro / Giorgos Glinos, April 2010

ELIAMEP’s Working paper no 6, by Giorgos Glynos, aims to examine the future of the Eurozone in the context of the current economic crisis and especially in the context of […]

The Greek energy security policy: Greek views in the EU context and required actions to secure supply / Filippos Proedrou, October 2009

ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 4 by  Dr. Filippos Proedrou, Lecturer of Politics and International Relations in City College, Thessaloniki, aims to examine the Greek policy of energy security. The analysis […]

Common security in outer space: envisaging an effective arms control regime / Ioannis Tziouras, December 2008

How far the USA’s withdrawal from the ABM Treaty and the recent plans for a National Missile Defense opened the door to further militarization of Space? Outer space is an […]

The preventive war doctrine and the war in Afghanistan: crisis management or war conflict? / Alexandros Koutsoukis, November 2008

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (9.11) have lead the USA to adopt the preventive war doctrine and to the intervention in Afghanistan. However, this particular intervention is not […]

The evolution of franchise terrorism: Al-Qaeda / Katya Leney-Hall, 2008

Despite the recent distractions of a resurgent Russia and a global financial crisis, the threat from al-Qaeda and the US-led ʽwar on terrorismʼ remain important features of the international agenda. […]

Occasional Papers are substituted by Working Papers

In the process of upgrading its official publications, ELIAMEP had decided to substitute the “Occasional Papers” series with a collection of “Working Papers”. All Working Documents are subject to peer […]

The return of satellite weapons / Alexandros Kolobos, 2008

The present brief study aims to present to the general public the issue of antisatellite means, their history and draw some conclusions about what caused their revival.Full text is available […]

Ethnic pressure groups(lobbies) and american foreign policy / Alexandros Kentikelenis, 2008

The present study is looking more closely to the effect of the lobbies on American foreign policy using as examples the activity of the Greek and Jewish lobbies in the […]

Simple lessons in Danish or The functional operation of the labour market / Sofia Michalaki - Kuriakos Filinis, 2008

In the following chapters the organizational model of the labour market (flexicurity), which the European Union promotes, is presented in the context of the revised strategy of Lisbon. The special […]

Global, Social and Political Europe

While decisions are still generally perceived to be taken (mostly) by foreigners in distant places, not to mention that successive rounds of enlargement keep on bringing in new foreigners from […]
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