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ELIAMEP working paper deals with AKP’s structure and policy

Few years since its rise to power, AKP gradually established a so-called “competitive authoritarian regime”, in order to consolidate and secure its political power. This regime is hybrid and it […]

ELIAMEP working paper examines the integration of cultural considerations in EU law and policies

This study written by Dr Evangelia Psychogiopoulou examines the integration of cultural considerations in European Union (EU) law and policies, also known as cultural mainstreaming, in accordance with Article 167(4) […]

ELIAMEP working paper analyses developments in Eastern Mediterranean

Against the background of significant developments in the Eastern Mediterranean in the field of the exploitation of hydrocarbons over the last years which led to the formation of new alliances […]

Anastasis Valvis discusses relations between media and NGOs in his working paper

The economic crisis that the Greek society has been embroiled in requests answers regarding its roots. Sources of wasteful money spending have been examined during these five last years attempting […]

ELIAMEP working paper analyses AKP’s domestic policy

Twelve years since its rise to power, Turkey’s ruling Party of Justice and Development (AKP) has focused its attention to the implementation of a “grand project”, planned to boost AKP’s, […]

ELIAMEP working paper analyses Turkish foreign policy and the Kurdish problem

ELIAMEP Working Paper 55/2014 deals with Turkish foreign policy and the Kurdish problem. It is written by Dr Theodore Tsakiris.

ELIAMEP working paper analyses Greek-Russian relations

In this working paper Dr Theocharis Grigoriadis and Mr Vlantis Iordanidis discuss Greek-Russian relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russian foreign policy in transition and post-transition periods has been […]

ELIAMEP working paper concentrates on the Cyprus Question

Negotiations over the settlement of the Cyprus Question entered a most critical phase following the official resumption of intercommunal talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot delegations. Greek and Turkish […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with Greek foreign policy in the Balkans

During the post-Cold War period, Greece found itself in an advantageous position compared to the rest of the Balkan states. Its participation in the Western institutions, its consolidated democratic institutions […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on democracy in Western Balkans

Although most countries in the Western Balkans are consolidated democracies, in the sense that periodic and free elections take place and there is a smooth transfer of government power, they […]
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