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ELIAMEP working paper concentrates on the Cyprus Question

Negotiations over the settlement of the Cyprus Question entered a most critical phase following the official resumption of intercommunal talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot delegations. Greek and Turkish […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with Greek foreign policy in the Balkans

During the post-Cold War period, Greece found itself in an advantageous position compared to the rest of the Balkan states. Its participation in the Western institutions, its consolidated democratic institutions […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on democracy in Western Balkans

Although most countries in the Western Balkans are consolidated democracies, in the sense that periodic and free elections take place and there is a smooth transfer of government power, they […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on management of maritime borders in Europe

Events of the last three years have breathed a new air of urgency in the EU regarding not only the management of irregular migration and asylum but also on the […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on pluralism and religious freedom in majority orthodox contexts

Working Paper 49/2014  written by Dr Effie Fokas draws on findings of the European Commission/Marie Curie Framework – funded research project entitled ‘Pluralism and Religious Freedom in Majority Orthodox Contexts’ […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuces on main think tanks in Turkey

ELIAMEP Working Paper 47/2014, authored by Mr Pantelis Touloumakos, ELIAMEP Junior Research Fellow, analyses the role of 4 leading Turkish think tanks in Turkish foreign policy. These are: TASAM (Türk […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with KFOR and the provision of security in Northern Kosovo

The international deployment in Kosovo in 1999 initiated the most ambitious peacebuilding project ever designed, as a multitude of international organizations under the auspices of the UN assumed full administrative […]

ELIAMEP working paper analyses the American factor and geopolitics in Greek foreign policy

Since the 2009 revelations of its catastrophic public debts, Greece has withstood a government affairs and public relations battering in Washington unprecedented in the sixty-odd years during which the United […]

ΕLIAMEP working paper analyses relations of Iran with Greece and the EU

ELIAMEP Working Paper 45/2014 authored by Dr Evangelos Ventis analysesthe diplomatic momentum in the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran , Greece and the European Union in the aftermath of […]

ELIAMEP Working Paper explores energy parameters of the evolving crisis between Russia, the EU and Ukraine

The recent incidents in Eastern Ukraine, including the occupation of official buildings from pro-Russian militia during the first weeks of April 2014, suggest that a new round of destabilisation has […]
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