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ELIAMEP working paper deals with quality of democracy in the Balkans

Since the early 2000s in Western Balkans (WBs) powerful groups have misused democracy in numerous ways. Governing elites have tolerated the capture of public policy sectors by business conglomerates and […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on sex trafficking in Greece

In ELIAMEP Working Paper 69/2015 Research Associate of Migration Programme Ms Eleni Zervos analyses sex trafficking in Greece. In particular, she focuses on structural barriers and vulnerability victims face in seeking […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with Islam’s role in the Balkans

In ELIAMEP Working Paper 68/2015   Head of the Middle East Research Project Dr Evangelos Venetis analyses the emergence of Islam in the Balkans. In particular, after providing some historical data […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with Turkish foreign policy

Despite high ambitions about Turkey’s “central power” role in its surrounding regions, Turkish foreign policy has faced sizeable challenges in the Middle East and beyond. As war and conflict continued […]

ELIAMEP glossary on migration

The purpose of this glossary is to contribute to the public debate on immigration by clarifying some basic concepts and terms that are widely used in Greece. The research team proceeded […]

ELIAMEP working paper concentrates on the Cyprus Question

In mid-2015, a new era begins for Cyprus. Whilst the change of leadership in the Turkish Cypriot community monopolizes the news bulletins, the negotiations for the final solution of the […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on CFSP/CSDP during the Greek presidency

The Lisbon Treaty introduced major reforms regarding, inter alia, the external representation of the European Union. As a consequence, the role of the rotating Council presidency has been downgraded, making way […]

ELIAMEP working paper focuses on the use of the open method of coordination in the field of culture

This working paper written by Dr Evangelia Psychogiopoulou focuses on the use of the open method of coordination (OMC) in the field of culture as one of the new cultural […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with euroscepticism in Britain

The debate on the position of the United Kingdom in the European Union, as it has evolved over the last three years, is based on the logic of withdrawal (Brexit). […]

ELIAMEP working paper deals with AKP’s structure and policy

Few years since its rise to power, AKP gradually established a so-called “competitive authoritarian regime”, in order to consolidate and secure its political power. This regime is hybrid and it […]
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