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After Dayton: Building Peace in the Balkans / Marie-Janine Calic, 1997

This paper attempts to derive lessons from different (successful and unsuccessful) peacebuilding experiences and to suggest some policy recommendations inthe concrete operational setting of the Balkans. It shall be argued […]

The Role of Diplomacy in Handling International Crises in the Post-Bipolar Era. The Case of the Balkans / Emmanuel Spyridakis, 1997

In general terms, it can be said that diplomacy, as a procedure for the settlement of international crises and problems remains a unique outlet. The collapse of the cold war […]

Central Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region: Similarities and Differences / Mohamed Chtatou, 1997

A survey of similarities and differences between Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region in the realms of religion, family relations, customs, and lay traditions.TitleCentral Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region: […]

Tourism and Environment / Persa Fokiali, 1997

The purpose of this work is to present in a descriptive way the classical model of mass tourism development of a Mediterranean economy and its conflict with environment. Such a […]

Russian Collectivism: An Invisible Fist in the Transformation Process of Russia / Charalambos Vlachoutsikos, 1997

This paper defends the position that, the degree of transmutation of the RCVS to the new values and practices which Russia will be able to contain and to integrate, will […]

Euro-Mediterranean Political Relations: Confidence- and Security-Builidng Measures / Carlos Echeverria-Jesus, 1997

For European security institutions dealing with Mediterranean politics, the first problem is to understand what, in this region, is meant by the term ‘security’. In fact, the absence of a […]

Israel under Netanyahu / Joel Peters, 1997

Netanyah’s victory arose from a brilliantly orchestrated electoral strategy. The tactic was simple yet remarkably effective: to play on Israeli fears and insecurities about the peace process with the Palestinians, […]

The Challenge of the Central-Eastern European and the Mediterranean Regions for Creating a New European Security Order / Anton Grizold, 1997

The purpose of this paper is to outline the significance of these two European regions for creating a new, stable European security order. The emphasis will be on the analyses […]

Security Problems in the Mediterranean / Thanos Dokos, 1997

The traditional definition of security in military terms is inadequate. Economic, social, demographic and environmental problems have a considerable impact on national security. A broader concept of security should be […]

The European Union and the Challenge of Enlargement / Fraser Cameron, 1997

The next enlargement will clearly present different problems and challenges from preceding enlargements, and the Union may have to find new approaches and new solutions, without in any way weakening […]
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