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Αmbassador (retired) Alexandros Mallias discusses the situation in the Middle East and proposes five remedies

‘It is proper no doubt to assume ideal conditions, but not to go beyond all bounds of possibility.  And it is said that in laying down the laws the legislator […]

New book by Loukas Tsoukalis ‘In Defence of Europe’, now also in Greek

The new book of Loukas Tsoukalis: In Defense of Europe. Can the European project be saved? has been published in Greek by Papadopoulos Publishing House. Europe has not been so weak and […]

Analysis on the elections in FYROM

In ELIAMEP Briefing Note 49/2016, Bledar Feta and Pranvera Tika, Junior Research Fellows of the South East Europe Program, analyse FYROM’s two-year political stalemate. In particular, they focus on the […]

Dr Panagiota Manoli contributed with a chapter to the book Theorizing the European Neighbourhood Policy

Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr Panagiota Manoli, contributes with a chapter titled: ‘A Structural Foreign Policy Perspective on the European Neighbourhood Policy’ in the volume Theorizing the European Neighbourhood Policy. The new book […]

Dimitri Α. Sotiropoulos and Giorgos Tsiridis map civil society segments in the period 1967-1974

In this book chapter, included in a offical publication of the Greek Parliament which has just been out, Giorgos Tsiridis and Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos map the different, formal and informal, […]

New ELIAMEP study assesses Greek public opinion and attitudes toward FYROM & name issue

ELIAMEP’s South-East Europe Programme has published its newest report focused on Greek Public Opinion of the ‘Name Dispute’ and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The report was authored by […]

Dr Eleni Panagiotarea writes at LSE blog on the political economy of NPLs resolution

Greece’s non-performing exposure ratio is the second highest in Europe, largely linked to the unprecedented contraction of domestic economic activity in recent years. Causality is known to go both ways, […]

Dr Filippa Chatzistavrou writes in Revue Française d’Administration Publique on European economic governance and the Greek crisis

From national coordination to supranational supervision: Greece towards the EU programs of economic adjustment – This article assesses the impact of European economic governance on the political and administrative system […]

New book on the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis edited by Dr Panagiota Manoli

The book Aftermath of the Ukrainian Crisis edited by Dr Panagiota Manoli, Assitant Professor Panagiota Manoli, Head of the Programme of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies of ELIAMEP  was published by Routledge. […]

FEUTURE Background Papers

FEUTURE Background Paper Turkey and the European Union: Scenarios for 2023, by Nathalie TocciFEUTURE Working Paper:  Mapping periods and milestones of past EU-Turkey relations, by Hanna-Lisa Hauge, Wolfgang Wessels, Nurdan Selay […]
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