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Article in Journal RGOW: ‘Greek politics and the Golden Dawn’

You can read here the article ‘Greek politics and the Golden Dawn’ written by Research Fellow of ELIAMEP  and website editor Dr George Tzogopoulos. The article was published in the June/July […]

IRMA Working Paper: ‘Globalization and Irregular Migration’

The IRMA project is informed by the wider theoretical framework of globalization studies which point to the erosion of the sovereignty and independence of the nation state. Globalization is a multi-faceted […]

Briefing Note: ‘The other side of Greece’s international image’

 In Briefing Note 16/2013, Dr George Tzogopoulos, Research Fellow at ELIAMEP and website editor analyses the international image of Greece in the aftermath of the 2012 twin elections. Dr Tzogopoulos […]

Second Briefing Note of Albanian Elections Observatory

The Programme of South-East Europe at ELIAMEP is closely monitoring developments in Albania in view of the June 2013 national elections. The second Briefing Note of the Albanian elections observatory is now available. You […]

Briefing Note: ‘The beginning of the end for the Kosovo problem?’

Ιn Briefing Note 15/2013 Dr. Ioannis Armakolas, ‘Stavros Costopoulos’ Research Fellow and Head of ELIAMEP’s South-East Europe Programme, and Maja Maksimović, research assistant of the Programme, analyse future prospects for a resolution […]

Chapter by A. Triandafyllidou and M. Maroufof in the eBook The Euro Crisis and the State of European Democracy

The eBook The Euro Crisis and the State of European Democracy. Contributions form the 2012 EUDO Dissemination Conference edited by Bruno de Witte, Adrienne Héritier and Alexander H. Trechsel (EUI/RSCAS/EUDO) is […]

Third MEDIADEM policy brief

The third MEDIADEM policy brief is devoted to the role of the EU and the Council of Europe in supporting media freedom and independence. Drawing on the research that was […]

Briefing Note: ‘Kosovo Security Force: Quo Vadis?’

Ιn Briefing Note 14/2013 Dr. Giorgos Triantafyllou, Research Associate of ELIAMEP’s South-East Europe Programme, analyses the current and future status of Kosovo’s Security Force. You can find more information on the Programme […]

Article on the international image of Greece on LSE Blog: Euro Crisis in the Press , 21/05/2013

In his article entitled: ‘Mediating a Greek success story?‘ Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr George Tzogopoulos focuses on positive articles on Greece in the international media discourse and explores whether […]

Study B

The second part (Study B) initially includes an analysis and presentation of the parameters of the negotiation for the next programming period, focusing thereafter on the evaluation of the (potential) final result.Coordinator of part […]
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