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Conceptualizing a Differentiated Europe / Giannis A. Emmanouilidis, June 2008

In the paper Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Stavros Costopoulos Research Fellow at ELIAMEP, argues that the European Union requires more different speeds if an EU 27+ wants to remain effective. The increasing economic, […]

The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection

Following the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by France and the Netherlands, it is rather unlikely that the ratification procedure will continue. However, the European Union remains in urgent need […]

Greek National Security Policy in the 21st Century / Thanos Ntokos (eds.), 2007

The study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Greek national security policy in terms of description of the regional security environment, threat assessment, defence planning, defence industry, current and […]

The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection / Nikos Koutsiaras (me tin ereunitiki sumboli tis Annas Ballianatou and tis Ellis Siapkidou), 2007

Athens, 12 March 2007ELIAMEP’s new Policy Paper titled: “The European Constitution after (a period of) reflection” (in greek) was presented by Nikos Koutsiaras, Lecturer, School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences, […]

Οι Μουσουλμάνοι της Δυτικής Θράκης (ειδικό τεύχος)

Το ερευνητικό πρόγραμμα EUROREG δημοσίευσε πρόσφατα ένα Ειδικό Τεύχος στο επιστημονικό περιοδικό Romanian Journal of Political Science (τόμος 7, αρ. 1, Ιανουάριος 2007) υπό την επιμέλεια της Ντίας Αναγνώστου και […]

Higher Education in Greece / Loukas Tsoukalis, November 2006

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) completed an empirical research on higher education in Greece in order to contribute to the public debate currently taking place in […]

Migration Policy in Greece / Anna Triantafyllidou, December 2005

According to our estimates, the real number of the immigrants and the ethnic returnees in Greece is much more than a million, which is equivalent to 9% of the population […]

A Strategy for Trade Integration in South East Europe / Konstantinos Michalopoulos, 2003

Η μελέτη εξετάζει τη μεταβαλλόμενη γεωπολιτική σκηνή στις γειτονικές/ όμορες με την Ελλάδα χώρες, καθώς και τις επικρατούσες τάσεις στην Ευρω- Ατλαντική ζώνη, την ευρύτερη Μέση Ανατολή, καθώς και αλλού […]

Security and Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean / Ian Lesser, 2004

The paper explores the changing geopolitical scene in Greece’s neighbourhood, as well as trends in the Euro-Atlantic area, the broader Middle East and elsewhere, and their implications for Greek strategy […]

A Strategy for Trade Integration in South East Europe: Accomplishments and Future Challenges / Constantine Michalopoulos, 2003

Trade integration is the most important element in broader, longer term integration of the countries of South Eastern Europe (SEE) into European Union. This paper reviews progress in integration by […]
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