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Briefing Note: “US military withdrawal from Iraq” / Evangelos Venetis, Giorgos Tzogopoulos, January 2012

 In Briefing Note 9/2012, Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr. Evangelos Venetis and Bodossaki postdoctoral fellow Dr. George Tzogopoulos assess the US military withdrawal from Iraq.TitleUS military withdrawal from IraqAuthorsEvangelos Venetis, […]

Briefing Note: “Immigration and the crisis in the Greek society” / Thanos Maroukis, January 2012

In Briefing Note 08/2012, Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr. Thanos Maroukis discusses immigration and the crisis in the Greek  society.  This Briefing Note is now available in English. You can […]

Briefing Note: Greek journalists and the financial crisis

In Briefing Note 7/2001 Bodossakis postdoctoral fellow at ELIAMEP, Dr. George Tzogopoulos, explores different tendencies dominating the Greek media dicourse in the coverage of the financial crisis. The briefing note […]

Briefing Note: The Battle of the Pipelines -The Need for a Greek Plan B

In Briefing Note no 6/2011 ELIAMEP’s Research Fellow Dr. Theodore Tsakiris analyses recent energy developments and explores their impact on Greek policy.TitleThe Battle of the Pipelines -The Need for a Greek […]

Turkish-Iranian relations and the NATO Missile-Defense Radar

The region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the role of Turkish-Iranian relations are interconnected especially after the re-orientation of Turkish foreign policy in recent years. The improvement of Turkish-Iranian political-economic […]

Turkish-Iranian relations and the crisis in Syria / Evangelos Venetis, July 2011

The positive relations between Ankara and Tehran are of particular importance for the stability in the Middle East. In this note it is suggested that Iranian-Turkish relations are tested after […]

Yemen in chaos: what does the end of Saleh’s rule mean for the future of the Arabia Felix?

This note focuses on the political situation in Yemen in the aftermath of President Saleh’s assassination attempt. In particular emphasis is given to the role of tribalism and religion in […]

The Shiite – Sunnite rivalry and the revolt in Bahrain

Apart from the geopolitical importance of Bahrain for the Persian Gulf security, the significance of political developments in Bahrain is twofold: the antagonism between secularism and tradition as well as […]

Electing a new head for the Assembly of Experts in Iran & the controversy between reformists and conservatives / Evangelos Venetis, March 2011

The recent replacement of Ayyatullah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani by  Ayyatullah Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani has been idely interpreted as a victory of the conservative political forces on the moderates in Iran. […]
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