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Briefing Note: ‘Serbian elections in Kosovo’

ELIAMEP’s Briefing Note 19/2012 is entitled: ‘Serbian elections in Kosovo: incorporating an electoral procedure into two different narratives’. In his analysis, Mr. Karabairis focuses on the elections of 6 May in […]

Briefing Note: ‘Nuclear Politics: Is Iran ready to compromise with the West?’

In Briefing Note 18/2012 Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr. Evangelos Venetis deals with nuclear politics in Iran analyses the policy of Tehran regarding this critical issue.

Briefing Note: ‘Signaling Change in Albanian Politics’

In Briefing Note 17/2012 Dr. Ioannis Armakolas and Mr. Bledar Feta analyze new political choices in Albanian politics. They, inter alia, focus on the new strategy of the leader of  Socialists Edi […]

Briefing Note: ‘Albanian Politics: The prehistory of a coming political clash’

In Briefing Note 16/2012 Dr. Ioannis Armakolas and Mr. Bledar Feta analyze the political clash between Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, and President of the country, Bamir Topi. Specifically, they investigate the […]

Briefing Note: ‘The significance of immigrant detention centres in Greece’

In Briefing Note 15/2012 Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, Dr. Thanos Maroukis, analyzes the Greek immigration policy. He, inter alia, refers to conditions in detention centres and suggests practical solutions for a […]

Briefing Note: ‘Strategic reshuffling: The Southern gas Corridor after ITGI’s elimination’

In Briefing Note 14/2012 Dr. Theodore Tsakiris analyzes viable alternatives after ITGI’s elimination.  He, inter alia,  discusses why the idea for the construction of this pipeline has been abandoned referring to critical […]

Briefing Note: ‘Albanian politics: Same old business’

In Briefing Note 13/2012  ELIAMEP ‘Stavros Costopoulos’ research fellow Dr. Ioannis Armakolas and junior researcher Mr. Bledar Feta analyze political developments in Albania. The content of  this briefing note is […]

Briefing Note: ‘Serbia’s EU candidate status: domestic reactions’

In Briefing Note 12/2012 junior researcher Apostolis Karaibaris analyzes the impact of the decision of the European Council on 1st March to grant candidate status to Serbia. In their festive statements Government […]

Briefing Note: ‘A strategic opening of Israel in Cyprus’

In Briefing Note 11/2012 Dr. Theodore Tsakiris analyzes relations between Cyprus and Israel.  The content is available in Greek.

Briefing Note: “The EU imposes a phased embargo on Iranian crude oil”

In Briefing Note 10/2012, Dr. Theodore Tsakiris, co-ordinator of the programme ‘geopolitics of energy’ at ELIAMEP analyses the recent EU decision to impose an embargo on Iranian crude oil. Dr. […]
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