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Policy Paper: A Strategic Challenge – The role of Greece in Europe’s Southern Gas Corridor Strategy

The question of European energy security has brought attention to the strategic significance of Southeastern Europe as a transport hub of natural gas and a key region for European energy security. To meet increasing natural gas demand and reduce energy dependency on Russia, European authorities need to promote the realization of projects contributing to the diversification of natural gas supply, alongside improving Europe’s relationship with Russia by diversifying its import routes, two targets which are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The principal targets of this policy paper are (a) to illustrate the major geopolitical parameters of the European Union’s Southern Gas Corridor Strategy which aspires to diversify the Union’s natural gas import sources while strengthening the political and economic independence of hydrocarbon-rich former Soviet States (b) to present the general framework and key strategic objectives of Greek foreign policy, and the role Greece’s energy policies are expected to playand (c) to evaluate through a strategic lens Europe’s options for the Southern Gas Corridor. In a very difficult period for Greece, such energy projects provide an excellent opportunity for diplomatic and economic benefits.

You can also read the executive summary of the policy paper.

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