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Anastasis Valvis discusses relations between media and NGOs in his working paper

ngoThe economic crisis that the Greek society has been embroiled in requests answers regarding its roots. Sources of wasteful money spending have been examined during these five last years attempting to provide the public with an answer. One group that attracted particular focus is the organized civil society. The Greek media have devoted significant time in bringing to the limelight possible corruption scandals with the involvement of state officials and favorable NGOs. Indeed, from the exposures so far it has become clear that to some extent there have been suspicious transactions between the state and some NGOs. However, while many cases are under investigation from the state authorities and the justice, many NGOs’ representatives have expressed their concerns that the entire sector is becoming a scapegoat for all the cases of political corruption that have damaged the country since the mid-90s.

Working Paper 56/2014: Greek media: The Vigilante of the NGO sector

Author: Anastasis Valvis

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