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Alexandros Mallias, Special Adviser

Ambassador (retired) Alexandros P. Mallias   served   as Ambassador of Greece to the United States of America (2005-2009). Following his retirement, he became Special Adviser at the ELIAMEP (Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Affairs).

Guest -lecturer at the:

Post -Graduate Diploma in Negotiations (D.I.N.) of the Athens University for Economics and Business and at the

Post -Graduate Course ”Cooperation and Security in the Mediterranean’’ (University of Peloponnese,Korinthos)

Post-Graduate Course on Leadership and Negotiation, New York College (Athens)

Member of the International Board of the IBCM (International Business College in Mitrovica).

He is a frequent  academic panelist and lecturer  including  at  the Yasar University ( Izmir) ,  Prizren Public University ( Kosovo) , American University in Iraq  ( KRG , Suleymanija) .


Ambassador Mallias has been extensively dealing over 15 years with the Balkan issues and frequently travelling throughout the region.

He served as:

– Director of the Southeastern Europe (Balkan Affairs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2000-2005)

– Ambassador to Albania (1999-2000)

– First Head of Mission at (Ambassador) of the Greek Liaison Office in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. (1995-1999).

– In 1994, served with the European Union Monitor Mission in the Balkans   in Croatia, and as Head of the Regional Office for Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Previous assignments include:

-First Counselor for Political Affairs at the Greek Mission to the United Nations (New York) 1989-1993

-Negotiator of the Paris Charter for a New Europe (Vienna,CSCE Process ,1990)

-Charge d’Affaires  a.i.  to Libya (1982-1984)


He is the author of the books (in Greek)

-“H Alli Krisi -H Martyria Enos Presvi” (‘The Other Crisis-An Ambassador’s Account’), INFOGNOMON, 2013).

-”Oramata kai Himaires-diadromes enos diplomatic’’ (Visions and Chimera-A Diplomat’s Journey), I.SIDERIS, 2016

And contributor to the collective books:

-”H diplomatia ston 21 Aiwna” (Diplomacy in the 21st Century), PAMAK (University of Macedonia, 2014,)

-”Ellino-Alvanikes Sheseis” (Greek-Albanian Relations), El. KRISPIS Foundation,( SAKKOULAS Ed. 2016)
Ambassador Alexandros Mallias is the author of numerous articles and editorials and a frequent radio and T.V. commentator on strategic negotiations, diplomacy, national security and foreign policy issues.

He recently published with ISAG http://www.isag-italia.org/ and ELIAMEP a comprehensive proposal on the Middle East.

He is diplomatic editor with the monthly review ” Defense and Diplomacy (‘‘Amyna kai Diplomatia” ), and member of the editorial board of the monthly ”Foreign Affairs” (Hellenic Edition). He is a blogger with the Huffington Post (USA).


Contact info:

E-mail   :        malliasal@yahoo.com

Tel       :          +30 6937121313

Homepage:   alexandrosmallias.com

F.B.            :    Alexandros Mallias

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